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Reinke Irrigation
Since 2004, Deines Irrigation has proudly offered the Reinke line of irrigation equipment to our customers.  Known the world over for durability, reliability and efficiency, Reinke is the clear answer for producers looking to get more from every field.
Center Pivot Systems
Lateral Move Systems
The Reinke name is synonymous with center pivots. Our design and materials add up to a system that is lighter weight, more efficient and longer-lasting than comparable systems.
Travel straight across square and rectangular fields with Reinke lateral move systems. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.
Swing Arm Corners
Specialty Systems
The Swing Arm Corner System (SAC) lets you get more irrigated acres without buying more land or setting up a new water system. Our exclusive swing span design provides uniform application of water and chemicals and can be retrofitted on existing Reinke systems or on many competitor systems.
When a Reinke center pivot or a lateral move system isn’t what you need, you can be sure we have a specialty system that meets every one of your requirements.  Whether your field is small, demands frequent light applications or has an obstacle or two, we have just the right system for you.
Control Panels
Remote Management
Our line of Reinke Precision Management (RPM) control panels lets you choose your level of control from manual in-field settings to programming pivot operation.
Variable Rate Irrigation
The only VRI system with a prescription you can see at the panel.
Reinke was the first to introduce GPS technology into the control and management of center pivot irrigation systems in 2002. Reinke was also the first to introduce touch screen technology to our line of control panels in 2009. Now Reinke is the first in the industry to integrate variable rate irrigation (VRI) with Touch Screen control and end-of-system GPS. If you already have a Reinke Touch Screen control panel and Navigator GPS, you can get started without any additional components.
A system is only as good as its components. At Reinke we put as much care and attention to detail into each component as we do into the system itself. That’s why our systems provide year after year of dependable, efficient service.