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About Deines Irrigation
Deines Irrigation is a small town, family-owned business that operates on old time values.  The business was purchased in 2015 by Sean & Janeene Brown and Josh Smith.  While the ownership has changed, the commitment to provide quality service with tried-and-true practices has not changed.  We are your go to source in the valley for efficient cost effective solutions to your irrigation needs.
With over 25 years combined experience in Irrigation, Water Management and Water Well Pump applications,the new owners have the knowledge, experience and commitment to help you with all of your irrigation needs. 
The employees of Deines Irrigation bring an additional element of experience and expertise.  From pump design and repair to pivot installation and repair, Deines Irrigation has the crew to make sure you are consistently getting more from every field.
Meet Deines Irrigation
Sean Brown
Sean joined Deines Irrigation in 2011 working in pump & pivot design and sales.  In 2015 Sean became part owner of Deines Irrigation.  Sean brings over 20 years experience in irrigated agriculture including 9 years experience as a Conservation Technician for the NRCS.  Sean's skills in irrigation system design are unmatched and is a valuable resource for anyone looking for an economical solutions to their irrigation needs.  From water diversion solutions to pipelines to pumps to pivots, Sean can help you get more from every field.  Sean and his family operate a small pivot irrigated farm in Scotts Bluff County in addition to raising full blood Maine Anjou breeding cattle.  Sean received his Associates in Ag Business from Northeastern Junior College and a Bachelor's in Ag Business from Colorado State University. 
Josh Smith
Josh joined Deines Irrigation in 2008 becoming a Platinum PLUS Certified Service Technician.  In 2015 Josh became part owner of Deines Irrigation.  Josh brings over 8 years of experience in pumps, welding and fabrication, equipment operation, pivot construction, pipeline systems and sales.  Most notably is Josh's exceptional knowledge of GPS and electrical systems on irrigation systems.  His experience and knowledge is second to none in the Valley.  Josh grew up in Gering, NE and attended WNCC for Auto Body studies.  Josh and his wife Brooke have three children that keep them busy when not working.
Janeene Brown
Janeene joined Deines Irrigation in 2015 when she became part owner.  Janeene oversees the office operations as well as the over the counter parts sales. Janeene also became a licensed Insurance Agent in 2018 to offer our customers pivot insurance options.   Janeene has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years including managing her and Sean's own irrigated farm and full blood Maine Anjou breeding cattle operation.  Janeene and Sean's children Mattielyn and Bowen can be seen helping Janeene out in the office from time to time.  Janeene received her Associates of Applied Science in Agri-Business from Northeastern Junior College and a Bachelor's in Ag Extension Education from Colorado State University.  Janeene is also actively involved in the Western Nebraska Agri-Women group serving as the current President for the organization.
Dean Hakert
Dean joined Deines Irrigation in 2011assisting with our pump jobs and becoming a Platinum PLUS Certified Service Technician.  Dean now handles our pump sales and service.  Prior to joining Deines Irrigation, Dean spent 17 years managing pump sales and service for a former Scottsbluff pump company. 
Carey Allbaugh
Carey joined Deines Irrigation in the fall of 2016 to take on the role of parts coordinator.  Carey brings with her an exceptional career in customer service and process improvement strategies.  She is working hard to learn the many parts that we handle and is ready to help you with any of your parts needs.
Devin Nelson
Devin joined Deines Irrigation in 2013 working on our pump truck.  Devin brings 9 years of experience to our company including work on drilling wells, windmill repair and pulling/setting pumps.  Devin is also a Reinke PLUS Certified Service Technician.
Oscar Hernandez, Jr
Oscar worked on the pump truck for Deines Irrigation from 2003-2008 and returned to Deines Irrigation in 2012 becoming one of our Platinum PLUS Certified Service Technicians.  Oscars 9 years of experience include work on the pump truck, pipeline installation and pivot installation and repair. 
Clark Casselman
Clark joined Deines Irrigation in 2003 and currently acts as our head machinist for our in-house machine shop.  Clark brings over 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry including well drilling, pump work, pulling/setting pumps and work on pivots. Clark
Josh DeWitt
Josh joined Deines Irrigation in 2001 working on the pump truck until 2005.  Josh came back to Deines Irrigation in 2014 working as a pivot technician and recently became a Reinke Platinum PLUS Certified Service Technician.  Josh brings an additional 5 years experience in trucking and mechanic work. 
Robert French
Robert joined Deines Irrigation in 2002 working on the drilling rig until 2006.  Robert's experience includes 10 years esperiencing working on irrigation, municipal, domestic and stock wells.  He also brings with him 20+ years experience as a CDL driver, equipment operator and welder.  Robert returned to Deines Irrigation in May 2017 working as a pivot technician becoming a Reinke Platinum PLUS Certified Service Technician.  Robert also serves as a volunteer fireman and certified EMT for Lyman Volunteer Fire Department.